Meet the Artist

My name is Brigitte and I am the creative force behind Prickle and Pine Designs. I am a watercolor and acrylic artist, a lover of nature, a coffee enthusiast, and a former Arizona educator. My interest in painting the natural world came when I moved to Flagstaff, Arizona for University. For those of you who have never been, Flagstaff looks nothing like what people think of when they picture Arizona: a hidden gem nestled amoungst the pine trees and covered in light snow in the winters, Flagstaff showed me that Arizona is a diverse, wondrous, and nearly impossible landscape. From the saguaro covered deserts of Tucson and pastel sunsets of Phoenix, to the magical red rock of Sedona and surprising forests of Flagstaff, I see the beauty and enchantment that truly is Arizona. In my art, I aim to share the wonders of the southwest with my audience. Thank you so much for visiting my shop, it truly means the world to me! 

My Interview with Shoutout Arizona

“I see the need for artistic spaces ... This connection between the power of artistic practice and my community is a driving factor for my business.”

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